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Headboard and the Angry Baby

Oh clever me. As the title suggests, this post is about a headboard. It’s not really about an angry baby, but an angry baby and a bolt of questionable inspiration at 3:17am during a 2 hour mystery screaming festival last night brought to me (unexpectedly) by my one-year-old and his sponsors did in fact lead to this brilliant title. I was lying beside my inconsolable son, vacillating between sympathy and rage, frustration and acceptance. During a period of apathy I was escape-thinking. My brain wandered to my blog and reminded me that I really should write about my headboard. I was composing brilliant, hilarious text in my head (if only I could remember it now) and I thought of this title. I felt very satisfied with myself. And yes it’s an homage to Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which has nothing to do with headboards or babies. But is a truly awesome play and movie.

So on to the headboard. I made a headboard. An awesome headboard! I was not planning to make a headboard. But earlier this fall we decided to sell our house and move north to a smaller city full of family, more affordable housing with big yards and enough rooms for me to have a workroom that’s not our dining room (yay!), closer to the cottage, still a city full of art, still close to Toronto for when we need a dose of big city goodness and the awesome people that live here.

Thus my plan to open an Etsy store and hang out my virtual/literal virtual shingle got back-burnered til we move and I can spread out into the permanent work room. My autumn days have been been filled with 1-year-old Gene and prepping the house for sale. And we really needed a headboard. I don’t like ostentatious, padded ones, but I do like a significant headboard. So husband Adam and I got some plywood, made a tolerable standing apparatus on the back and covered it with this AWESOME fabric from Ikea, which looks like the end of a wood pile.

Looks great huh? And we topped it off with a long lusted-after pin-tucked duvet cover from West Elm. Oh sigh, a grown up room at last! Our house is now on the market (sweet relief) and it looks so good. I am ridiculously proud of it and we are enjoying living in the serene, non-reality of the staged version of our home. Which reminds me, I have a date with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (so gross, so effective, so ruining my hands) and the Swiffer, then I gotta empty some garbages, boil some cinnamon sticks and exit the building. More next week about staging with small children if I can get it together, it is total insanity! Happy Friday, boil some cinnamon, your nose will thank you.