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Turns Out I Need a Calendar

Calendars. Perhaps they should be obsolete with all the devices surrounding us that can tell us the date. But I’m a spatially sensitive person who likes everything in its place when it comes to referencing things, like the date, regularly. Turns out I just really love calendars. Actual on-the-wall calendars.

I also love fabric (just to state the obvious). And tea towel calendars are wonderful — kitschy in the best way. I really wanted one this year and was holding back, thinking maybe I didn’t need a calendar for 2013, maybe I didn’t even need a physical daytimer, maybe I should just use the iPhone as intended… I was wrong on both accounts. I’m pretty digitally savvy, or at least functional, but I do love to look at a calendar and to write appointments and notes in a book. My brain likes it, my fingers like it, I feel more grounded and sure with paper and fabric and tangible-ness around me.

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So I got my usual Moleskin daytimer and felt a little bit more myself. Which isn’t to say I don’t also use my iCal for appointments, I do, but I don’t trust it totally yet in spite of years of use. And I waited too long on the calendar, my fave was sold out by the time I decided I should do it. So I thought perhaps it was a sign, perhaps I’d try without. Then I saw one of my favourite Canadian textile artists Averil Loreti at the Toronto One of a Kind show and her calendar was so beautiful, a burst of joy in a surprising and pleasing colour palette. But I still held back thinking iPhone and iCal could, possibly, fulfill me.

I didn’t even last a month into 2013. I got the calendar. All is well in the world — I am moored, no longer adrift. Whew.