Windowsill 61 is a work-in-progress, she’ll be up and rolling sometime in 2014!

Welcome to Windowsill 61, an online gallery of small-scale art tucked into my sewing and textile studio. Soon, Windowsill 61 will feature works by different Canadian artists. Peruse, enjoy, pique your curiosity, be inspired. Stop by often and spread the word!

Windowsill 61: a secret miniature online gallery.
Windowsill 61: a secret miniature online gallery.

About Windowsill 61: In my sewing and textiles home studio there is an excellent former-window space that’s now a little shelf. The original  was covered by a renovation before I occupied the space and the renovators cleverly created a little shelf in the window’s cavity. I use it as my own personal gallery of favourite and inspiring things. Then it occurred to me that I could curate an online series of small-scale art in my wee windowsill gallery. Thus Windowsill 61 was born!

Windowsill 61’s The Secret Gallery Project will commence with a show by Lindsay Zier-Vogel of Puddle Press.

TO APPLY: If you are interested in having your work included in Windowsill 61’s The Secret Gallery Project, please contact Susan Kendal at:

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